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Koh Poda Attractions

Koh Poda Attractions

Koh Poda: Koh Poda is the largest of all the four islets in Poday Group Islands. In the east, there is a one-kilometer-long sandy beach shady with rows of pine trees. The sea is exceptionally clean, clear and suitale for swimming whereas the beach is nice for sunbathing. Visitors may also enjoy snorkeling in the north and the east of the island, or kayaking along the beahc very well.
Koh Poda Krabi Thailand Koh Poda Krabi Koh Poda
Koh Kai: Koh Kai is also called Koh Hua Khawan or Koh Poda Nok. The rock shaped like a rooster on the limestone moutain at Koh Kai is the symbol of Krabi sea. Apart from the beauty on the land, Koh Kai also has plenty of coral reefs to apprecitate in the west of the island.

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Koh Kai Krabi Thailand Koh Kai Krabi Koh Kai
Koh Thap: Koh Thap is the tourist boat stop of the area. It has such a wonderful marine world in the east of the island.
Koh Thap Krabi Thailand Koh Thap Krabi Koh Thap
Koh Mo: Koh Mo also has beautiful coral reefs around the island. Actually, these three isles in Poda Group Islands also form a spectacular sight of Taly Waek or the parting sea, which is a wondrous sand bar that appears and links the three isles together during the low tide.
Koh Mo Krabi Thailand Koh Mo Krabi Koh Mo